Our Bubble Tea Story

Once upon a time…

There was a successful rock-star guitarist called Chi who had everything he could wish for. However, sometimes he felt like there was something more to life. He felt a calling from deep within. Something told him that he was meant for bigger things; to make the world a better place.

Chi started travelling to look for his purpose in life. As an entrepreneur, he was looking for an experience that would blow the western world’s mind. He started in Tibet, where he went to live with the monks. It was there where he found inner peace. During the intense meditations, everything became clearer. There was a link to his past he had not yet explored.

Chi continued travelling to Taiwan, to find his distant relatives and discover the land of his ancestors. The villagers had already heard of his arrival and they welcomed him into their community with a parade of belly-dancing monkeys and trick-performing elephants. They taught him the Asian lifestyle, including Kung Fu. On a warm day, after having defeated his Sensei in a sparring battle, he was thirsty and was looking for some refreshment.

It was then when Chi found a little charismatic shop and discovered bubble tea for the first time. The taste of this drink immediately reminded him of his childhood and transported him to flavors and smells long forgotten. Intrigued by this magical drink, Chi was determined to find out more. Chi travelled to the highest part of the mountains, fought the warlock of Nicfachg and obtained the original recipe for bubble tea. With his dying breath the warlock told Chi it was no coincidence he was the one to beat him. For Chi was the one born on the same day as the first bubble tea (1985). He was the chosen one to bring bubble tea to the rest of the world. Bringing the drink to the Netherlands and Belgium, he started his adventure with the Ling Brothers to share bubble tea with the world. And so, 8tea5 was born.

The 8tea5 Mission

Our teas

Quality is our top priority. With great passion, we have carefully selected the best loose-leaf tealeaves from their countries of origin. We make sure they are the ingredients to serve the freshest, finest tea with.

Great customer service

A smile goes a long way at 8tea5, allowing us to build special connections with our customers, or rather, friends. Acknowledging each individual with a “hello” and “goodbye”, in between, we strive to educate and serve our products with the greatest care. Every tearista ensures humanity to be shared amongst the 8tea5 community.

We care

We started this concept to bring bubble tea to the next level. To be where we are now has been a long road, but we do not regret any effort to get closer to our mission. Whether it is nit picking about ingredient lists with our wholesale department in Taiwan, mopping the floor in the store, or discussing with team members on how to give great customer service: we care.

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