Ling Ming Fan CEO 8tea5

Hello, could you give us a short introduction?

My name is Ling Ming Fan and I am the boss of 8tea5.

Where can we usually find you?

You can usually find me at all the 8tea5 stores. I travel throughout The Netherlands and Belgium.

What is your favourite bubble tea combination?

I am quite fond of the traditional flavors Taiwanese Classic and Taro. I think they both combine best with tapioca.

How did you end up at 8tea5?

In 2012 the first 8tea5 store was established in The Hague (NL) by a  childhood friend of mine. I liked the concept from the start, because I grew up in the eighties and I knew bubble tea from my trips to Asia. I was amazed that it didn’t exist in Belgium, therefore I took the first steps with my brother to introduce this extraordinary drink to the people in Belgium. We started off with our first store in Antwerp and due to its success we opened more stores in cities such as Brussels and Ghent.

What do you like most about your job?

What I like the most about my work is that I can work with a team of the most inspiring and amazing people.

What would you like to share with our beloved 8tea5 readers?

I hope you keep on enjoying our 8tea5 bubble tea. We are always open for improvements in case you have any remarks.