Irfaan Hussain – Store Manager 8tea5 The Hague

Hello, could you give us a short introduction?

My name is Irfaan Hussain. I am the franchisee at the 8tea5 store in The Hague, Netherlands.

Where can we usually find you?

You will find me in and around my 8tea5 shop at the Main Centre of the Hague.

What is your favourite bubble tea combination?

There are many, but nothing beats an ice cold Matcha topped with Tapioca pearls

How did you end up at 8tea5?

I was looking for a new challenge and found one at the centre-point of the Hague City centre. The 8tea5 store in The Hague was looking for a new owner. I took the challenge without any hesitation!

What do you like most about your job?

I never have the feeling that it’s a job. It feels more like a hobby. The customer contact is one of my favourite aspects of the job

What would you like to share with our beloved 8tea5 readers?

Love the bubble tea?… Let us know! Room for improvement?… Definitely let us know!